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Evergy Energy Partners is known as an industry leader in developing creative and flexible power supply strategies. We’ve been active in helping shape the industry debate on transmission access, market design and competition. By combining an in-depth understanding of utility planning, operations, and regulation with aggressive negotiating techniques, our people have been able to help utility, municipal, cooperative and industrial clients secure favorable power supply arrangements with substantial long-term power cost benefits.

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The Values that Make us Different

1. Our people make the difference

With an average of more than 10 years of experience for each of our Evergy Energy Partners team members, we have knowledgeable professionals who understand how to help clients best achieve their energy goals. Our customers benefit from all of Evergy’s resources, including experts from our generation and transmission facilities. We send a diverse team of specialists to assess and manage client energy. Our services and teams are tailored specifically to increase customer revenue, lower expenses, manage risks, and achieve customized business goals. We manage the power so clients can focus on what they do best.

2. More than a century of experience

Evergy Energy Partners has been in the energy business for more than 100 years, and in the energy management and trading business for more than 20 years. We offer the same services to our clients that help make Evergy successful and reach its revenue and production targets. Whether customers need to use our business rules or have us follow and execute their own set of rules, Evergy Energy Partners treats each unit and business as our own.

By leveraging our 100-year history of managing generation assets, Evergy Energy Partners has the experience to assist our clients in creating a strategically diversified energy portfolio. Since 1997, our portfolio delivery service has grown in importance. Clients are adopting more individualized hedging strategies. These include various long-term strategies for power supply portfolios. Our industry faces new and growing long-term challenges from competition, thermal retirements, carbon regulation, changing markets and regional transmission operator structures. Our team is committed to helping our customer develop the optimal structure.

3. Success of a strong credit rating

Energy trading can generate a significant amount of credit and market risk. Evergy Inc. has a strong balance sheet and credit ratings. We don’t merely act as an agent, our strength and experience allow us to weather mark-to-market swings, reducing credit risk for our customers. We can help clients assess risk, create a risk-tolerance strategy and then maximize their revenues against a risk portfolio.

4. Evergy proprietary trading book benefits

Because we are in the energy business ourselves, we’re constantly scouring the market for the best position. Clients get the added benefits of Evergy Energy Partners’ team of experts and of leveraging our own trading business with complete transparency.

5. A leader in renewables – reducing carbon footprints

Today, half of the power supplied by Evergy comes from clean sources, creating more reliable energy with less impact to the environment.

In addition to managing Evergy’s renewable fleet, Evergy Energy Partners also manages wind for utilities, municipals, cooperatives and independent-power producers. Small-scale solar and fractional shares of wind farms are also offered to our clients. We can offer renewable energy credits (RECs), ownership, purchase power agreement, or options for buying output directly from our wind portfolio.

Today, more than 30 states have implemented renewable portfolio standards (RPS). Renewable energy services and emission services are critical components of Evergy Energy Partners’ integrated approach to portfolio management. A knowledgeable team of experts will work closely with clients to help optimize real-time generation dispatch with structuring and origination on long-term planning and hedging recommendations. Renewable energy and power solutions can reduce costs while improving the reliability of energy.

Renewable services include:

  • Small-scale solar development (onsite/behind the meter)
  • Fractional shares of wind farms
  • Market identification
  • Purchase/sales hedging strategies
  • Legislation analysis
  • RECs transaction services

6. Regulatory services

Evergy Energy Partners‘ team also assists with regulatory services. The dedication, time and expense of keeping pace with ever-changing regulations that surround the energy industry tend to have significant commercial impacts. Evergy Energy Partners tracks trends and manages opportunities in organized energy markets (RTOs), as well as requisite reliability standards enforced by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Regulatory services include:

  • Monitoring/analyzing changes in market regulations
  • Recommending strategies/responses
  • Providing representation/support
  • Performing research/timely reporting on market and regulatory activities
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