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At Evergy Energy Partners, we take great pride in the relationships and the value we bring to our customers. Here are a few comments.


"Westar Energy has been a trusted business partner for us for over 40 years. Westar's investment in environmental controls will ensure cleaner air for future generations."

Risk Management and Advisory Services 

"I like how the Evergy Energy Partners staff has the ability to explain complex concepts in terms that are easy to understand."


"Evergy Energy Partners is always quick to respond to any issues I have. They are always available and always looking out for our best interests."
  • Energy Pool: Southwind Energy Group 

    “SEG” (Sabetha, Iola, Chanute, Fredonia, Centralia, Arcadia, Axtell) Kansas
    In 2012 Chanute decided to choose a different energy provider. They teamed up with six other cities and chose Evergy Energy Partners as their market representative for their shared energy resources. These combined cities are known as the Southwind Energy Group “SEG”.

    Evergy Energy Partners is the market interface from front to back office on behalf of SEG. Daily requirements for SEG include market submissions for demand and resources, Day-Ahead market commitments and Real-Time market communications. Westar provides settlement services and RTO compliance monitoring.

    Evergy Energy Partners and SEG meet at least once a month for operational review and strategy development. Evergy Energy Partners also provides renewable energy to SEG’s already existing power supply.
  • Partnership: The City of McPherson

    McPherson, Kansas
    Dating back to 1963, the city of McPherson and Westar Energy have enjoyed a strong and fruitful partnership. That partnership has evolved over the years Westar Energy has been entrusted to do everything from marketing its 235 MW generation capacity into SPP to continuously collaborating with the city as to how it can add renewable energy to its existing power supply.

    Most recently, through this partnership, the two entities have been able to successfully add 87 MW of wind generation from two wind farms to its existing power supply. As a direct result of the partnership, McPherson boasts some of the most competitive rates nationwide.
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  • Facilitator/Training: People’s Electric

    Prior to Evergy Energy Partners, People’s Electric Cooperative (PEC) was a full requirement customer supported by a cooperative. PEC made the decision to move their load from the cooperative to develop their own resources. Evergy Energy Partners was selected as a consultant to provide advice on how to move their load and resources to the market. Moreover, Evergy Energy Partners facilitated all market setup during this transition.
  • Solar: The City of Baldwin City

    Baldwin City, Kansas
    The people of Baldwin City, KS set a goal to be one of the greenest municipalities of its size (population 4,500). With that, the city publicly solicited for proposals to build a solar array to complement their preexisting wind and hydro portfolio. Evergy Energy Partners was selected as the top choice out of five total proposals to build the facility.

    Evergy Energy Partners will develop and own the Solar PV Facility and the plant and the city will purchase the energy from Westar for thirty years at a set price for megawatts per hour. Construction will begin Spring 2019 and the plant will be operational by Summer 2019.
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