Inside Evergy Energy Partners: Our purpose and experience.

Conductors of Possible

How We Conduct “Possible”

We know that your needs are unique. That’s why we develop customized creative and flexible power supply strategies. Using strategic negotiating techniques, we help our utility, municipal, cooperative, and industrial clients secure sustainable, advantageous power supply arrangements. Our deep understanding of utility planning, operations, and regulation helps us guide our partners to success.

Energy Management Services

We consistently deliver accurate, reliable solutions at a valuable price.

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Renewable Energy Sources

We help you acquire and optimize your clean energy mix.

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Expert Team

Our operational expertise helps you make informed decisions and develop effective solutions to meet your energy goals.

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Physical Power Flow

Our asset optimization service ensures a smooth and efficient flow of energy across the supply chain to optimize your operations.

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Our Experience Makes Us Different

We’ve been in the energy business for over a century, and in the energy management and trading business for over 25 years. Our industry faces growing long-term challenges including competition, thermal requirements, carbon regulation, changing markets, and regional transmission operator structures. Our experienced team is committed to helping you develop your unique, optimal energy portfolio.

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Meet the Team

Our people make the difference. With an average of 10 years of experience for each of our team members, our knowledgeable professionals understand how to help you achieve your energy goals. Our clients benefit from all of Evergy’s resources, including a diverse team of specialists and experts that manage the power so they can focus on what they do best.

Our Work

Evergy Energy Partners provides sustainable power supply strategies and energy management solutions. With a focus on delivering long-term cost benefits and practicing responsible environmental stewardship, Evergy Energy Partners is committed to shaping the future of clean and reliable energy.

Case Study: McPherson, Kansas

Evergy is committed to being 100% carbon neutral by 2045. Our decades of experience developing diverse energy solutions support our municipal...

Case Study: Kingman Wind

Evergy is committed to providing our customers with cost-effective, reliable renewable energy solutions to help build a more sustainable future. In...

Case Study: Baldwin Solar

Evergy is committed to providing our customers with cost-effective, reliable renewable energy solutions to help build a more sustainable future....

The Future of Energy is Clean

Today, half of the power supplied by Evergy is clean energy. This reduces costs and creates more reliable electricity generation with less impact on the environment. Renewable energy and emission services are critical components of our approach to portfolio management. Our energy managers work with clients to improve the scheduling and management of clean power generation in real-time. We assist long-term planning and risk management to help clients make informed decisions and optimize their energy usage.