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Energy Management Solutions

Service Overview

As an industry leader with more than two decades of experience providing energy management solutions, we build partnerships with our clients through transparency and reliability with superior counsel and advising.

Every customer has unique goals and challenges. With that in mind, we customize our services and teams to increase customer revenue, lower expenses, manage risks, and achieve your specific business goals. We manage the power so you can focus on what you do best.

What Sets Us Apart

As the energy marketing division of investor-owned utility Evergy, we have a long-standing reputation for best-in-class energy management solutions. We understand the complexity of energy management and can provide a unique level of consulting that other non-utility competitors can’t match. Our team’s energy turns a century of experience into your advantage.

Our people truly make the difference. We pride ourselves on our team’s tenure and experience, which allows us to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients — ultimately providing a higher level of service and partnership. We bring the power to turn any energy obstacle into an opportunity.


Over 100 years of experience in the energy industry


Over 25 years of experience in energy management and trading


Our average customer has maintained a partnership with us for over 10 years


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