Fueling a greener future.

Our Commitment to Clean Energy

Fueling a greener future.

Our Commitment to Clean Energy

Renewables Overview

Evergy Energy Partners manages wind for utilities, municipalities, cooperatives and independent-power producers. We build and develop small scale solar projects, offer fractional shares of wind farms, renewable energy credits, ownership, purchase power agreement or options for buying output directly from our wind portfolio.
By combining renewable energy from diverse sources, Evergy Energy Partners can offer renewable energy blocks starting at 0.5MW with flexible contract terms. This allows our clients to access clean energy and to diversify their energy portfolio in a way that is manageable for them.

Making Strides Toward Carbon Neutrality

Today, Evergy’s carbon emission levels are 51% lower than they were in 2005, and half the power we supply is clean energy. This creates a more reliable energy system that has less impact on the environment. By 2045, our energy will be completely carbon neutral.

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Kingman Wind

The Kingman Wind Energy Center is a collection of 120 turbines. The wind energy center allows the city of McPherson, Kansas to better serve their customers by increasing the amount of affordable, renewable energy used to power customers’ homes.

West Plains

The West Plains, Missouri solar array has moved the city one step closer to being one of the first carbon-neutral cities in the state. Not only does the array provide sustainable energy to 2,000 homes – at the time, it was the largest solar array for a municipality in Missouri. The array was also built on a reclaimed landfill and planted with pollinator-friendly ground cover to ensure a sustainable footprint.


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